About Us

Have you been wronged?

We provide strategies to help find a way forward with your dispute.
Our group has extensive expert services available:

  • accountancy
  • dispute resolution specialists
  • media
  • finance
  • legal services management

In the end, it’s all about the lives we’ve changed for the better. Read below a small sample of client comments.

Mr Fix It... Pulls Rabbits from his a**e

He’s Mr Fix It, a Magical Solution Strategist.
Since meeting Geoffrey Shannon, I’ve had 100% success rate, with an outcome of the banks writing off hundreds of thousands.
Thanks Geoff

Forster NSW

He’s a godsend, and like a bull at a gate, Geoff helped Chris halve his debt.

Since Geoff interveined to help Chris exit from his restaurant debt, Chris has gone from being physically sick with worry to a normal person again, and now we’re back to a healthy relationship and Chris has found a job.

Jan Kelly
(as seen on ACA)

Geoff Should Wear a Cape.

Geoff is a passionate advocate for people who’ve been screwed over, people who’ve been wronged, people in crisis. Geoff immediately took charge of the litigation matters, he’s proactive, he orchestrated a way out of the shit we’re in. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re now on high ground, after 5 months, things have really turned around.

Port Macquarie NSW

Life Changing Experience, especially for those about to lose everything.

Geoff has the right people to sift through the crap, he’s a specialist in banking issues. One of our clients over the last 3 years has got to keep most of his assets, and has transformed from a broken man to power player once more.

He saves the day, although he’s in high demand, Geoff fixes the heart of the problem. Geoff knows what’s important to people, he puts families back together.

West Australia